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AMIA 2014 Call for Proposals!

  14.02.19 3:31pm

The AMIA Conference Committee invites proposal submissions for papers, sessions and workshops for the 2014 Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

The AMIA Conference Committee encourages papers, panels and posters on all issues to do with audiovisual archives with particular emphasis in the areas of problem solving, technical issues and the digital archive. 

This year, the conference will include three curated streams of programs in addition to proposals.  Each curated stream will include five sessions during the conference. If your proposal is focused on one of these streams, we encourage you to contact the curation team for that stream to avoid duplicate effort. 

  1.  The open source digital preservation and access stream will comprehensively address the use of open source software that is in current significant use within digital preservation and access systems.  Curated in collaboration with AMIA’s Open Source Committee the stream will also cover larger issues such as when it does or does not make sense to take the open source approach, and how to navigate the complexities of copyright and licensing.  Contact:
  2. Film in Transition.  As the portfolio of available film stocks continues to decline and film labs continue to close worldwide, this stream will discuss the concrete implications this evolution of the industry has for archives and long-term content managers.    Contact:
  3. Global Exchange.  Will bring together voices from regions from around the world to share solutions and exchange ideas. Curated by AMIA’s International Outreach Committee, the emphasis will be on exchange, innovation, and learning from colleagues near and far.  Contact:

The goal of the Conference is to present a program that includes a wide variety of topics and a balance of theory and practice, inviting new ideas and concepts that may stimulate additional interest, involvement and educational benefit. You are invited to submit a proposal and to attend the conference October 8-11, 2014.

Information about the conference and the proposal process, go to

Proposal deadline is April 18, 2014.

We encourage you to read Tips for a Successful Proposal.  It explains the review process, and offers information and tips on what the reviewers and the Conference Committee consider in the proposal process.  If you have difficulty with the online submission process, please contact us at