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AMIA supports the establishment of AMIA Student Chapters at academic institutions to encourage increased awareness and understanding of the mission of AMIA and the role of moving image archivists in the acquisition, preservation, exhibition and use of moving image materials.

The purpose of the AMIA Student Chapter Program is to:

  • Introduce and integrate new archivists into the archival profession.
  • Enhance formal education by providing a forum for the discussion of archival issues and engaging students in professional activities.
  • Explain the importance and value of being part of the professional community.
  • Acquaint members with the objectives, ethics, and publications of AMIA.
  • Encourage membership in AMIA.
  • Develop and encourage interaction with other student groups to promote mutual interests in the library, information, and records professions; and
  • Introduce students interested in archives to professionals working in the field and archival institutions.

Student chapter activities traditionally include organizing events, tours, and speakers related to archives.

Guidelines for Student Chapters



McGill University
President - Catherine Henderson
Vice President -
Treasurer -

New York University
President - Winnie Schwaid-Lindner
Vice Presidents - Shahed Dowlatshahi and Greg Helmstetter
Secretary - Erica Lopez
Treasurer - Dylan Lorenz
Outreach – Frannie Trempe

University of California at Los Angeles
Presidant - Robin Margolis
Vice President - Caitlin Denny
Secretary - John O’Neill
Treasurer -
Web/Social Media Outreach – Diane Levine

University of Rochester 
President - Jordan Dotson
Vice President -
Treasurer -
Secretary -

University of Texas-Austin
President – Ayshea Khan
Treasurer - Nicolette Khan
Secretary - Kate Cronin

University of Amsterdam
President - Krystel Brown
Vice President - Niamh O'Donnell
Treasurer - Fatma Amer
Secretary - Jim Wraith

University of Toronto
President -
Vice President - Rachel E. Beattie
Treasurer -
Secretary -

Simmons College
President - Adam Schutzman
Vice President -
Treasurer - Travis Werlen
Secretary -
Communications & Events - Marlan Sigelman
Webmaster - Ashley Thomas

Ryerson University
Treasurer - Olivia Wong
Secretary - Olivia Babler
AMIA U of T Liason - Aisling Yeoman

Emerson College
President - Kevin Dusenberry
Vice President -
Treasurer - Ben Winters
Secretary -
Communications & Events -

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