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The AMIA Supplier Directory:
A Global Directory of Services and Suppliers for Audiovisual Media


Click here for the Submission Form.

An online publication and available to everyone through the AMIA website, the AMIA Supplier Directory is intended as an international resource guide for anyone working with audiovisual media.   The AMIA Supplier Directory will be updated quarterly.  Our target date for the next issue is winter.

How do I get a listing for my company?
Click here for the Submission Form.  Listings are free, but there are opportunities to enhance a listing for a nominal fee.  If you are an AMIA Institutional Member, there is no cost for an enhanced listing and AMIA Institutional Members are listed in the front of each section.

As a project of AMIA’s International Outreach and Preservation Committees, the Directory will be promoted to members, on the AMIA listservs and social media platforms. 

What kinds of companies will be included in the Directory?
Any organization providing services or supplies within the field - Appraisers; Associations and Organizations; Consulting; Copyright/Rights & Clearance; Digital Archival Storage and Management Services; Educational Programs; Hardware Sales and Services; Media Asset Managmeent Sales and Services; Physical Archival Storage and Management Services; Reformatting and Restoration Services; Software Sales and Services; Stock Footage and Stills; Supplies and Equipment.

What are the fees?
As an AMIA Institutional Member, your listing is included in your membership.  Other listings, with the number of words allotted for your description of services:

  • Free Listing            10 words
  • Upgraded Listing    25 words, plus weblink       $250 (three issues)
  • Enhanced Listing    75 words, live weblink         $500 (three issues)

Can I advertise in the Directory?
Yes.  If you want to advertise in the Directory, contact Beverly Graham at  Rates are based on three issues (one year), and if you currently advertise in the AMIA Membership Directory, you can choose to use the same artwork.

What do the listings look like?
Click here for a few sample listings.

How can I access the Directory?
The directory will be sent to AMIA Members and made available on the AMIA Website Resources as a free download to anyone in the field.


Members Only: