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The Steering Committee is made up of members of the Board, the Conference Committee chair(s) and the office and provides a mechanism for long-term planning for the conference through discussion and recommendations to the Board. The Steering Committee is intended to create a close working relationship where the work of the conference and the board overlap.  It serves as the standing committee for determining policy, structure and long term strategy, as well as providing a forum for discussing programming that speaks to issues discussed within the membership or the field.  The Steering Committee is responsible for decisions affecting budget, and oversight of prgramming themes through plenary or stream programming.

The Conference Committee is responsible for oversight of curated programming and program development of non-curated programming.  It oversees conference programs such as Archival Screening Night and Room Share, works with a Local Committee where possible, provides resources for speakers and chairs, promotes the conference.  Through its work with attendees and speakers it makes recommendations on policies, programs, and structure to the Steering Committee.

The role of the office is to support the work of the board and conference committees.  This includes conference logistics, oversight of budget goals, vendor and venue relationships.

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