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  17.03.21 4:13pm

Over the past year, AMIA members have worked on drafting a Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity for our Association that affirms our dedication to these shared values. At our most recent meeting, the AMIA Board of Directors adopted the statement below.

We are exploring more and better ways to integrate the principles expressed in this statement into our work as individuals, as an organization, and as a field. To this end, ongoing discussion and collaboration among AMIA members is critical. It is important for all of us caretakers of audiovisual and cultural heritage to consider how we can put these principles into action.

We will be setting up an online discussion space (off-listserv) to encourage work in this area among all AMIA members, and will announce how to participate shortly. The Board is currently working with Committee Chairs to develop resources and training opportunities for members. We strongly encourage suggestions on ways that AMIA can better address diversity, inclusion, and equity in everything that we do.

The Board would like to thank Moriah Ulinskas for her leadership in gathering and integrating feedback from members, Committees and the Board, culminating in the development of the statement. A huge thanks also to the members of the Diversity and Advocacy Committees, to Committee Chairs, and all other AMIA members who participated in this effort.




The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is a non-profit professional association committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity as core values, to be reflected in our membership and within the institutions and constituents we serve as stewards of our moving image heritage.  AMIA strives to cultivate an environment in which a multiplicity of voices are sought, listened to, and respected, and in which the development of cultural competence is a priority.  AMIA is dedicated to expanding membership, participation and leadership to include historically underrepresented professionals and their allies, reflecting the evolving diversity of society and the moving image field.

AMIA fosters an environment in which professionals working in many different regions, countries, and institutional types, across the spectrum of experience, and with a multiplicity of media formats, are welcomed and empowered to share information and advance the field on equal footing.  AMIA also understands diversity to encompass the following socio-economic factors, and works to create an inclusive, equitable and responsive environment for all of our members and colleagues, the holdings we manage, and the publics we serve: Age, Class, Dis/ability, Ethnicity, Familial Responsibility, Gender Identity, Immigration/Citizen Status, Income, Language, Perceptive Abilities, Political Affiliation, Physical and Mental Health, Race, Region/Geography, Religion, Sexual Preference, Veteran status.