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Nomination by Petition

If after viewing the provisional slate, any qualified AMIA member wishing to run for any open AMIA office may add their name to the list of candidates on the provisional ballot by the nomination by petition process as outlined in this section.

Within one week of the announcement of the provisional slate of candidates an interested candidate must start the petition process by publicly declaring their intention to run.  This will open up the slate of candidates for that particular office for amendment [either board, secretary, treasurer or president].  Declaration by a member for one office will open only that office for amendment.  If no members declare their intention to run for a particular office within the one week time frame the provisional slate will become the final slate. The slate may be kept open only by special declaration of the AMIA Board if there is an office for which no nominees have been secured.

All candidates who declare their intention to run through the nomination by petition process for will have three weeks from the publication of the provisional slate to assemble the required ten petitions of support from the membership.  Said petitions may take the form of email and may be addressed to the election committee chair.  All petitions must be signed by AMIA members in good standing and contain contact information for verification of the validity of the petitions. AMIA members can sign no more than two nomination petitions.

 Verification of the petitions will be conducted by the Elections Committee and will consist solely of determining if the support of the candidate was intended by the AMIA member submitting the petition.  Members who receive the required ten verified petitions will be certified as candidates. The final ballot will include their names in addition to candidates listed on the provisional ballot.

2017 Nominations by Petition Deadlines

August 1 - Provisional Slate is Announced to Membership

August 15 - Deadline for Declaration of Intent to run through Nomination by Petition

August 31 - Deadline for Signatures


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