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What's The Issue With Nitrate Film Stock? It's Combustible

Nitrate film stock has been praised for the beauty of its images and for truly allowing cinematographers to paint with light — whites pop off the screen, blacks are deep and rich, and grey tones shimmer. It's also extremely flammable. More>

Polish film archive gets funds to fix leaks, flooding

While the film archives have not been damaged, “the state of the building is bad enough that the collection may be destroyed if they are not moved...More>

The current AMIA Supplier Directory

Check out the latest Supplier Directory HERE

Dozens of Japan's Earliest Animated Films Put Online to Mark 100 Years of Anime

Japanese Animated Film Classics' features 64 of the oldest animations, available with English subtitles. More>

NASA Unveils New Searchable Video, Audio and Imagery Library for the Public

Users can browse the agency’s most recently uploaded files, as well as discover historic and the most popularly searched images, audio files and videos. More

April 2 marked TAMI's 15th birthday!

...we wanted to share some of our favorite birthday footage from the collection here

A new theater opens in Portland, OR -- at the airport!

While other airports add yoga rooms and rooftops pool in the perpetual quest to tempt more travelers (and their dollars), PDX has welcomed an outpost of the iconic Hollywood Theatre to be America’s only airport cinema. More>

Are communism-era films worth preserving?

There's an attempt now in Albania to ban communism-era films from television. More>

Amateur Movie Database

The Amateur Movie Database (beta version) is now online at

An update from the Board

During our recent board meeting our priority was to make sure we continued the work that our community had achieved at the 2016 annual conference. The board voted to confirm the Diversity Inclusion and Equity Statement that so many contributed to and we spent a day with the amazing DeEtta Jones learning, thinking and talking about how we could make this statement integral to AMIA. Among other extremely helpful suggestions, she challenged us to identify AMIA's shared values.