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The AMIA Forums

The AMIA Forums are sponsored by the Association of Moving Image Archivists, and intended to facilitate discussion among AMIA members and professions in the field. Subjects include archival issues involving all aspects of audiovisual materials and archives, as well as related technologies, events and other interests.

While AMIA non-members are welcome, some areas of the Forums are reserved for AMIA members and committees.

Directions for Subscribing to the AMIA Forums

First, please read the Terms and Guidelines (here). By subscribing to the Forums you are agreeing to all terms and guidelines.

1. Go to www.amiaforums.org
2. Click ‘Register’ near the top centre of the screen.
3. Fill out the resulting form.
4. When chosing your using name, it must be your full, real name (e.g. John Brown). Nicknames, pseudonyms and aliases will not be activated.
4. Enter the confirmation code and press ‘submit’.

Your account will then need to be ‘activated’: a moderator or member of the AMIA office staff will need to look at information you have provided and approve your account for access to the forums. This is mainly to verify that an actual human being is attempting to register, not an automated system attempting to post spam messages on the forums. Please note that in the first few days of the forum’s operation, we expect a rush of new registrants, and therefore it might take a little longer to activate everyone than it would do for new members once the system is fully bedded in. Please bear with us during this time!

Please remember: Your username MUST be your full, real name (e.g. John Brown).  If you register with a nickname, pseudonym or alias as your username, your account will not be activated.

Using to the AMIA Forums

You can download the Guide to Using AMIA Forums here. It includes instructions on setting up your profile, identifying new posts and email integration. The Guide includes screen shots to help you navigate.

Setting Up Your Profile
You can get to this by clicking on the ‘User Control Panel’ link towards the top left of the screen. We would encourage you to fill in the information requested in the ‘Edit profile’ tab, as it will enable other users to find out more about you by clicking on your name alongside your postings. In the ‘Edit signature’ tab you can add your name, address and other contact details. Other users can choose whether signatures appear at the bottom of each posting. Please do not enter slogans, epigrams, your favourite Sarah Palin quote or whatever in here – let’s keep the forums professional in tone. You are of course welcome to include a graphic of your corporate or institutional logo if you are confident in uploading and embedding it into your signature.

Using the Message Boards
There are three main areas of the AMIA Forums site:

The Main Moving Image Archiving Discussion Board – this is the area for discussing the profession and its work. The forum is divided into a number of individual boards devoted to specific topics. By clicking on ‘The Main Moving Image Archiving Discussion Board’ you can see a description of each sub‐forum and its area of coverage. All registered members of the forums have read and write access to this board. It general terms it can be seen as a web‐based equivalent of the AMIA‐L listserv.

AMIA Members’ Discussion Board – this is the area for discussing the business of the organization. Only individual members of AMIA in good standing are allowed access to this area, and in general terms it can be seen as a web‐based equivalent of the AMIA‐Member listserv.

AMIA Committees and Projects – this area is for discussing the work of individual AMIA committees and projects. Read only access is available to all individual members of AMIA in good standing by default, unless a committee has decided that it wants its area closed off from read access to the wider membership. Read and posting access is available to members of a given committee’s roster.

Anyone who has used an online forum site before should find reading and posting within the individual boards pretty self‐explanatory. Anyone who requires assistance can find comprehensive help for a number of functions by using the ‘FAQ’ (frequently asked questions) link in the top right of the browser window.

Identifying New Posts and Email Integration
You can identify and view new postings quickly and easily using two features that can be found in your user control panel (from the main menu screen, click ‘user control panel’ near the top right).

• The ‘view unread posts’ link near the top right of the user control panel screen will show you a list of all the topics that have posts in them which you have not read, regardless of whether they were posted before or after your last logon.

• The ‘view new posts’ link will show you a list of all the topics that have post in them that were made since your last logon to the forum. Unread posts that predate your last logon will not appear.

There are a number of ways you can receive notifications by email of new activity on the forum.

• You can select which areas of the forum you want to monitor by email notifications by subscribing to them. You do this by going to the appropriate area, and then clicking the ‘subscribe’ link in the upper left of the screen. You can view or delete the areas of the forum to which you have subscribed using the Overview → Manage Subscriptions link in the user control panel.

• If you go to Profile → Edit Posting Defaults within the user control panel, you will see an option ‘Notify me upon replies by default’. Selecting this will mean that you’ll receive an email message any time there is a new posting in a forum to which you have posted and/or subscribed.
The forum does not offer the ability to receive an email notification of every new posting on the entire system. It is designed on the assumption that the volume of traffic will be so high that to do so would swamp your email inbox. This is what the ‘view new posts’ and ‘view unread posts’ functions are designed to do.


The AMIANet forums are moderated on a reactive basis, by office staff and AMIA volunteers nominated by the Board of Directors. We aim to promote open and frank discussions at all times, but we do reserve the right to edit or delete postings according to the following guidelines:

• All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. Proper etiquette applies for all postings and you should not say anything in a message that you would not want the world to see and to know came from you.

• Commercial advertisements (spam) or solicitations generally irrelevant to AMIA membership issues should not be submitted. Do not post commercial messages that do not relate specifically to the topics of the forum.

• Do not post anything that is not original unless it meets the ‘fair use’ guidelines of US copyright law, or unless you have permission from the original source. Gain permission to reprint copyrighted material before posting it, including attached images and files. If you send information that is not your original work or ideas, please specify to readers the original source of your information. When posting materials, the poster voluntarily presents him/herself as the copyright owner or as having received permission to reprint copyrighted materials. AMIA reserves the right to reject any posting containing material that may be in violation of copyright.

• Personal or confidential information about others, or personal communications between individuals are not appropriate. Personal criticism of, or attacks on, individuals will not be accepted. The discussions put forward on the forum are meant to stimulate conversation using acceptable rules of etiquette, and should not create a contentious environment or defame or intentionally hurt another individual.

• Messages whose content, were it posted, might (in the judgement of the Forum’s moderators) present legal problems for the AMIA or forum subscribers are not acceptable.


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