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AMIA believes that the education and training of moving image archivists is not only central to AMIA's role as a professional association, but essential to the long-term survival of our moving image heritage.  AMIA offers three scholarships and a research Internship each year to students entering the field. Application deadlines are May 15th.


  • Sony Pictures Scholarship
  • The Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship
  • Universal Studios Preservation Scholarship

AMIA administers the first scholarship program of its kind designed specifically for students wishing to pursue careers in moving image archiving. Currently the program awards three annual scholarships - the Sony Pictures Scholarship, The Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship, and the Universal Studios Preservation Scholarship. These scholarships - each in the amount of $4,000 - are given as financial assistance to students of merit who intend to pursue careers in moving image archiving. The funds are sent directly to the recipients' educational institutions to help cover the costs of tuition or registration fees. Students from any country may apply.


The Image Permanence Institute Internship in Preservation Research

The Image Permanence Institute is a university-based, nonprofit research laboratory devoted to scientific research in the preservation of visual and other forms of recorded information. IPI was founded in 1985 through the combined efforts and sponsorship of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T).

The purpose of the IPI Internship is to give a student of merit who is committed to the preservation of moving images the opportunity to acquire practical experience in preservation research.


A list of AMIA Awards, Scholarship, Fellowship and Internship Recipients.

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Co-chairs: Lorena Ramirez-Lopez
                 AJ Lawrence

The International Outreach Committee connects AMIA with ongoing activities in other international organizations that may intersect with and/or enhance AMIA programs.  It develops policies and programs that will enable AMIA to reach out to moving image archivists throughout the world, with the specific objective of extending AMIA's services to such archivists in developing countries.  It seeks to promote AMIA's programs and services to the world community of moving image archivists and to encourage global professional awareness and knowledge within the AMIA membership, along with soundly based volunteerism and other forms of mutual support.

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