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Through its publications and resources, AMIA's goal is to serve its membership, the archival moving image community, and the public at large. Resource Documents include: AMIA reports, papers, proceedings and past Conference programs, as well as Guidelines, FAQ sheets and Q&As. While most resources are open to all members of the field, some are restricted to the AMIA Membership.  You may find additional publications and papers here.

Theatre Presentation Guidelines


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Co-chairs: Lorena Ramirez-Lopez
                 AJ Lawrence

The International Outreach Committee connects AMIA with ongoing activities in other international organizations that may intersect with and/or enhance AMIA programs.  It develops policies and programs that will enable AMIA to reach out to moving image archivists throughout the world, with the specific objective of extending AMIA's services to such archivists in developing countries.  It seeks to promote AMIA's programs and services to the world community of moving image archivists and to encourage global professional awareness and knowledge within the AMIA membership, along with soundly based volunteerism and other forms of mutual support.

Meeting Minutes